The impact of role models on young people

The importance of role models is widely accepted, but concerns about the influence of celebrity role models can distract attention from the evidence about the role models named most frequently by young people. Several studies this year have pointed our team towards the power of role models: this brief literature review is the result, shared here as a work in progress. We conclude that introducing learners to credible and apparently similar role models has great […]

Meet your role models through Faces Up Uganda

Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came: We are a youth led organization that links general people to their role models for inspiration and support. I┬ástarted when I saw many youths in my country copying life styles of their role models. My friends Kamanyire Osca and Kalyemenya Douglas joined me later. Your products and services: Art projects- we empower people with art skills and craft making. Community activation- role […]