How to spark a problem-solving mindset among young people

Problem-solving is a result of scarcity/challenges. Problem solvers see and do things in a certain way that is not common to everybody. To them, all problems present opportunities. An African proverb say “The mind that can see a problem and complain should be the same mind to look for a solution”.

Every young person including (your son/daughter/sibling/friend) is eager to do something groundbreaking what stops some is the lack of self-drive to do so. Curiosity and freedom are some of the factors that spark self-drive. The more a young person is curious, the more he/she willing to try out new things and in the process, they will eventually encounter obstacles.

The more obstacles they find, the more they task their mind to think differently, be creative, and never to give up. When a young person accepts that it is ok to fall twice but stand up thrice, they subconsciously become more open-minded, resilient, and willing to go beyond their expectations. This is the kind of mind set that allows them to take action, and thus, solve some of their most immediate challenges.

Isn’t that cool?. Isn’t that what you want for your child/sibling or friend?

With experience from the work we do, below is how we have encouraged young people to become problem solvers.

Exercise – try out the activity below.