Our Purpose

In Uganda, 10,442,000 young people below 15 years are faced with psychosocial distress (UNICEF 2022).

We strongly believe that every young person has the right to be healthy and happy, to express themselves creatively, and to reach their full potential. Achieving this requires a safe space, reliable support, trust and understanding, and full accessibility.

Yet too many young people in Uganda find themselves on the margins, prevented from accessing life-changing opportunities, and disempowered from breaking cycles of negative life outcomes.

Our Opinion

Unless we address the issues that undermine young people and prevent them learning, living healthy and developing their potential, we effectively limit their life opportunities.

The Power Of Arts


Creative expression supports cognitive and fine motor skills development, which is essential for the healthy development among children and young people.


Engaging in arts and crafts within a safe and supportive environment helps young people to process their stress and heal from traumatic life experiences.

For fun

The beauty of art is that it has no boundaries or barriers; it’s a universal language that excites and liberates children and young people. Art creation brings joy to artists as well as viewers.

Let's Work Together

Together, we can do great things! Let‘s reach out to more young people from underserved communities.

Shop for Your Loved Ones

Invest in the education of children from financially challenged backgrounds by purchasing their artworks or merchandise featuring their artistic designs. Visit www.store.facesup.org and help enable children at the margins to access life-changing education.

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