Currently, young people in Uganda do not have the tools they need to flourish. Most times, they are not encouraged to think independently; to express themselves creatively; to work as a team, and to pursue their own goals.


Young people making the best of what they have (creativity), and us sharing it with the entire World in form of (artworks, products, and art prints) to raise what they need (school fees) and enable them to attain (quality education) that they deserve.


We understand that too much exposure and consumption of over curated content has huge psychosocial implications for young people and thus shapes how they see and perceive certain things. In response, our communication officer Ntemid conducts bi-weekly Twitter chats to dive into raw and meaningful conversations with invited guests to educate and inspire. Follow the conversations #FacesUpTalks


Bringing together key stakeholders in the education sector including line ministry, teachers, students, parents, developing partners and experts to dive into conversations around factors underpinning the education sector to take informed action steps to address them. 2 dialogues have been carried out, 180 students have been engaged, 50 teachers from 25 schools both primary and secondary. 


While COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic, the impact has not limited to the health but also impacted the mental well-being of young people. We are inside a period of disruption that neither began nor will end with the COVID-19 pandemic since its implications will be felt even years after. Therefore, we are using the arts to push for community development as well as health benefits.  Over 650 young people have been reached from all over Uganda including refugees, children with special needs. 


The 3-days camp brought together 20 alumni in Jinja at Nile Nest Resort under the Bosch Alumni Network in East Africa. The event was steeped in the meaning and fireplace conversation tradition where Changemakers shared stories, had meaningful conversations about key pressing issues such as climate change, agribusiness, mental health among others seated around the fireplace sipping on a cup of locally sourced coffee. We understand that groundbreaking ideas come in informal settings. 


Youth unemployment in Uganda stands at 13.3%, such a huge challenge to the socio-economic development of the Country. As a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the number of unemployed youths has skyrocketed and is still expected to go even higher. To combat this, we are partnering with  Project 500K to empower youths 18 years and above with hands-on skills in art and crafts so that they are able to start their own businesses.