Currently, young people in Uganda do not have the tools they need to flourish. Most times, they are not encouraged to think independently; to express themselves creatively; to work as a team, and to pursue their own goals. And above all, often they lack a mentor as a supporting arm.


Young people making the best of what they have (creativity), and us sharing it with the entire World in form of (artworks, products, and art prints) to raise what they need (school fees) and enable them to attain (quality education) that they deserve.


Twice a month, we virtually invite young leaders from across Africa pursuing different careers to share their experiences of how they have gotten where they are today. Through these raw discussions, invited speakers to give a deeper insight into their work, their lives and backgrounds; they comfortably talk about their challenges and successes with an aim to inspire others. Follow the conversations #FacesUpTalks


Even though many students in Uganda are in school learning, the education system faces a number of challenges that underpin its quality as well as the output of students that come out of it. However, to a smaller extent, the decision-makers involve key stakeholders such as parents, teachers and students as they come up with solutions to tackle the key challenges students face.


COVID-19 has made it difficult for community-focused organizations like ours to physically continue to engage children and also enable them to learn together. These are challenging times for any of us to provide full support to the beneficiaries of our programs. The time of the pandemic has made it difficult for us as artists to continue learning together in our space. However, if we don’t reach out to some of these children, they will lose hope for their future since they are undergoing a time with intense pressure, filled with negativity but yet, such time needs them to smile, be appreciated and be creative. Over 650 young people have been reached from all over Uganda including refugees, children with special needs. 


The pandemic presented new challenges to people worldwide. It challenged and shook everything we held dear such as human interactions, gatherings and bonding activities. As a result, changemakers felt anxious, worried and craved a breathing space to reconnect with one another. The 3-days camp brought together 20 alumni in Jinja at Nile Nest Resort under the Bosch Alumni Network in East Africa. 


Youth unemployment in Uganda stands at 13.3%, and is, therefore, an enormous challenge to the socio-economic development of the country. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of unemployed youths has skyrocketed and is still expected to increase. To combat this, we are partnering with  Project 500K to empower youths 18 years and above with hands-on skills in art and crafts so that they are able to start their own businesses.