What if art (s) education was accessible to all young people at the margins but not only just to the privileged few?

Our Approach

The approach we use is dependent on the specific needs of young people:

1: Art for psychosocial support

We exploit the therapeutical benefits of different art forms to create a safe space for young people to express life experiences that they perhaps cannot verbalize, thus bringing healing into their lives. Research by the WHO has shown that the use of artistic media in health care and communities have a variety of benefits for health outcomes.

2: Hybrid

This approach is designed to first meet young people at their ability levels, both physically and social-emotionally. After addressing these needs, we then equip them with artistic knowledge and skills for self-employment to fulfill their full potential.

3: Art(s) for Skilling

Art education remains nationally deprioritized: we work with professional artists to spread art education in undeserved communities . As a result, young people gain knowledge, and develop their skills that they use to create artworks and products, which are marketed online and physically to raise funds and support the education of children from financially challenged backgrounds.

4: Design For Change

As the country partner for the largest global movement designed to empower young people with design thinking skills to express their ideas for a better world and put them into action. We are making sure that young people foster the “ICAN” mindset to change their lives, communities, and World at large.

Partner with us

Together, we can do greater things. Come lets join hands to reach out to more young people from underserved communities.

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