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For children 5-15 years per the following categories: 5 to 8, 9 to 11, and 12 to 15. The FAO-funded contest presents an opportunity for artists below 15 years of age, across different regions in Uganda to (1) spark curiosity around and help them understand the importance of the four Betters and KNOB for themselves and their communities, and the small, practical, and meaningful ways in which to achieve them; (2) share the knowledge and/or best practices learned through the instructional videos (and the process of creating art around these themes) within the participating children’s social units (friends, family, school, community, etc.); (3) while learning, express themselves creatively which works as further learning and therapeutic outlet; and (4) share children’s perspectives of the four Betters and KNOB themes with the wider public as an additional means of outreach to citizens.

Four Betters and LNOB


A call for submissions was sent out. Then 3694 submissions were received. A group of regional judges collected and reviewed all artworks from each region. 30 paintings were selected from each of the 4 participating regions. The selected 30 proceed to the next phase. An independent team comprising officials from FAO UG, Faces Up, Key partners and professional artists convened at Serena Hotel, Kampala to select the overall 12 winners. The artworks with the highest points were announced as winners. The winners were announced during the World Food Day celebration on the 16th of October in Mukono. The winners were handed their accolades by the Rt. Hon Nabanja Robinah, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda. As a climax event, all the artworks were exhibited for two weeks in a group exhibition at Motiv. Artworks from 165 children were showcased while over 300 people were in attendance during the opening day.

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