Our Impact

What we have learned

Because of our program, 75% young people say are more confident to face the future than they were before joining.  85% of them exhibit more creativity level during the session according to our observation sheet. 

Words to Deeds

We have reached 6000+ young people (62% are girls while 38% are boys) established  a community center that serves  340 young people annually, raised school fees for 128 children from the sale of their artworks and merchandise, reached out to 65 schools at the margin, reached to 1 refugee camp, held 5 art exhibitions, and empowered 215 children with disabilities. In 2020, we were shortlisted for the Top 40 Under 40 in Uganda, we were nominated in 2018 for the Africa Youth Leader Of the Year, accepted for the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), Change Makers Exchange (CXC) 2019, and in 2017; we were also nominated for the Young Achievers awards.

Impact On Individual Lives


Mayambala, 17 years, aspires to be a great comic artists in the world. Since we met him in 20220, we have connected him to a mentor, an established comic artist in Uganda. Mayamala, has since then published two comic books Sebuma and Grio as well as established The Comic Hub, a school’s club at Makerere College Migande, where he empowers 40 plus peers with passion for comic and art. 






In 2022, Ashim was involved in a hit and run accident while going to school. The accident left him with serious head inquiries and needed a neurosurgery in the shortest time possible. His family was understandably unable to take care of this resource intense medical support their son needed. Through our program, Ashim had painted an artwork titled Tinga Tinga, which we sold online  and raised 600 USD and topped it up onto the 1400 USD we had raised from the medical appeal our online community had donated to generously. These funds support him to undergo a neurosurgery which went successfully to save his life. Today, he is happily back to school and pursuing his passion for art. 

In 2020, one of the children in our program used to draw guns, fights, and accidents, every time he had an opportunity to draw.  The more he created such artworks, alerted us that we needed. Having witnessed a civil war in South Sudan, he had unmet psychosocial needs and trauma. Being part of our free art empowerment program, over, time offered him a platform to keep draw that enabled him to let out his traumatic experiences. After 2 months of consistency in our program, he started replacing the guns in his artworks with flowers, the battlefields with playgrounds, and the dead bodies with birds in flight. We witnessed a happy smile on his face and comfortably started associating with the peers.

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