Art and Health – Where is the connection?

We will begin making the connection between art and health, with a social media post we made the other week.

“Living in poverty often means having limited access to health care, food and housing security, greater risk of school drop-out for children, homeless, unemployment due to lack of education or childcare &, unfortunately, not reaching one’s full potential. – @All4KidsUK

Introducing art to the lives of young people like we work with,

Helps to undo all those things that were mentioned above, in the social media post.

When we speak of healthcare, we mean all-round health care including mental health, of young people that has been ignored for so long.

When a child is at school learning without having to worry about where their school fees will be paid

from, they will certainly be less anxious!

Creating works of art, like you might have seen on our online store,

Can help with easing the pressure on the provider(s) at home for necessities like food, clothing, cash at hand since it is earned and brought into the family pool with you, engaging in creating art.

That means you get happier as your creations are sold, which means less stress for you and those around you, hence improved health.

How cool is this?

Did we tell you about our community centre?

It is this really cool place with everything in it created from art of all kinds (drawings, paintings, murals, woven items etc.)

Little children come here when they are busy with their school and they create art, as we mold them for a much better future than what they are having, in their present.

It is not only them who visit us, though.

Our dearest parents and guardians also visit us, from time to time.

On several occasions,

We invite them to bear witness to the fruits their children have borne.

Right from the first moments that were captured on camera, of their babies creating art right to the moments of final touches.

They always show up and we are certain they are very proud of their children.

A child that has done well is a very proud parent and guardian!

Not to forget; a busy mind and occupied limbs are the enemy of crime.

Whenever these children are at our centre,

There is no way they will be involved in crime.

We all know what involvement in crime for these youngsters, can do to their lives, right?

It takes one anywhere between 24 hours and years to come up with a pretty artwork!

Have we told you about the kind of interactions we have with the young learners at Uganda School for the Deaf?

We introduced a program of art at their premises and from there, we always have children enrolled in their care in our associations like the previously ended 2022 World Food Day art contest, that we did with support from the Food and Agricultural Organisation country office in Uganda.

These children are differently abled and so, walking with them on the journey of art would make them more expressive, for one thing.

I have always loved the works Dawit does, for example!

Speaking of prevention and promotion of treatment,

There are about 20 ways art can be used to achieve this!

Take for example, a mother and their child can bond over a piece of artwork mama is creating…

Or art therapy has been used to really slow down the effects of trauma on our brains and bodies by use of meditation, body massage, yoga, dance, music movement, drama among others!

(You have always heard the saying; “let us dance away our pains till our feet can’t no more”, right?)

When it comes to management of treatment in health,

There are about 20 ways as well, of achieving this, that can start with a stroke of a paint brush

Or reading a line of poetry!

Take for example people that are receiving end-of-life care.

It has been known that art can really help us draw, curve out or shade the lovely memories of people we love, as they near their end of life.

Or people that live with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders like dementia, autism among others

Exposure to art of any form can help keep them fit and mentally alert as much as possible!

It is good to remember that exposure to art, when it comes to matters of health,

must be done regularly for proper effectiveness.

It is like the connection between a ball and socket joint!

The connection is there.

We must keep it active!