Raw Inspirations, Great Expressions


At the centre of our work, we believe that young people from underserved communities have all the potential to enable themselves to live their dreams and the life they desire. However, if their potential is unknown and not nurtured, their talents, skills, abilities, and resilience are in jeopardy.

The online fundraising exhibition is aimed at spreading young people’s creativity and positivity throughout the world. 2020 was a ride filled with relentless tragedy around the world due to COVID-19. However, 2020 also presented some opportunities to appreciate all that we have, which continues to be felt today. We curated this exhibition to spark a smile on your faces as well as inspire you to see life in a simplistic form as children do. Additionally, through this exhibition, we hope to enable the young people we empower to raise funds for their education from each artwork sold. We periodically update and upload new artworks done by the children.  

70 per cent of the price you pay for each artwork, goes directly into the school fees fund that supports several children from financially challenged backgrounds, while 30 percent, is invested back into the amazing work we do. 

Art doesn’t just open doors for children, it opens Worlds.

Artworks sold
Amount raised in USD
Children supported with school fees

This virtual exhibition features paintings and artwork in various mediums and sizes, showcasing the young people’s diverse styles and inspirations made possible this year. “Raw Inspirations, Great Expressions” seeks to depict how raw and natural the ideas of children are as well as how they freely represent them in simplicity.

Through the masterpieces, the children also shared their inspirations and opinions visually on various lifestyles, social; and environmental issues, and additional family-related topics. Specially, we have put together this virtual exhibition to celebrate the creativity of children as well as share their amazingness with you throughout this festive season. You can make a direct impact on a child’s education journey by purchasing any of your favorite artworks.

We hope to scale the number of children being supported to attain education school and the more artworks sold, the more funds we raise and the more children we support. 

We aim to have a long-term impact on the lives of the children by enabling them to achieve their educational dreams, a win-win situation where your purchase goes directly to the young artist. At the moment, the potential market for these products and artworks is through our social media platforms and virtual exhibitions like this one. All the masterpieces at the display are available for purchase. As a result, you support the education of the child who made the artwork. Artworks range from 80USD to 350USD inclusive of shipping cost.

Join us to continue inspiring our future generation through the arts. With your support, you will allow a child to further their educational opportunities by purchasing their masterpiece.

Ways to support:

1: Make a purposeful purchase. Please fill out the form below

2: If you have enjoyed the exhibition, please do consider leaving us a DONATION via PayPal to enable us to continue doing this important work.  

Steven Mulukusa
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He wants people to refer to him as a person who has a caring heart and a serving spirit – He loves to help people. Steven enjoys painting seascapes, people’s lifestyles in society, water bodies, and animals. His dream is to become a doctor. In his trait pocket, creativity, hardworking, and innovation are some of those you can witness at his disposal.
Drate Joseph
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Drate’s dream is to become a surgeon. Drate is the third in his family of 5, and amongst his siblings, he is the only one with a passion for art, which he identified at a tender age. Family life, animals, portraiture, and nature inspire most of his artworks. He believes that every child deserves the right to education, and he hopes when he grows up, he will support children with educational needs.
Lydia Mwebaza
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Lydia loves to make art and wants to become an artist and continue to express her creativity in all spheres of life. She is the first-born, and her works involve collage, stitching, and sewing. Her artworks are bible verses, people’s stories, and also artefacts. She is multitalented in art, cultural dances, and cooking.
Babirye Safinah
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Babirye’s dream is to become a journalist. Since childhood, she has had a fascination with people who work on TV. Aside from that, she is a passionate chef; she loves to cook anything. She believes that every girl has the potential to reach her dreams.
Arinaitwe Enock
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His peers refer to him as the boy with a “fresh hairstyle.” And his entrepreneurial spirit is always burning. He loves to save all the money he gets in the simple jobs he does daily. He dreams to become a pilot to fly endlessly in the sky as well as connect people to their dreams. He is a funny boy, and making jokes is one of those traits under his right wings.
Swabura Nakayiza
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She loves to cook and play “Dodge ball,” a game she has played since childhood. She loves listening to Ugandan music, and her dream is to become a nurse. Swabura is a well-disciplined girl, and she advises her peers to always listen to their parents because they care for their children so much.
Sophia Ndagire
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Sophia is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of all. She is a multitalented young girl who loves to crochet, dancing, and painting. She draws inspiration from the things around her and what she watches on TV. Seeing her father happy is one of the things that inspire her. To her, the family is everything.
Judith Namakula
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Drawing makes her happy and allows her to imagine a world where everything is beautiful. She loves to draw flowers, trees, people, and houses. During her free time, she enjoys playing Ludo, listening to stories, skipping the rope, and dodge ball.
Juliana Warija
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Julian is passionate about modelling, writing stories, playing football, plus painting. She is a gender equality advocate and also a leader in her school. And nominated for the International Children’s’ Peace Award; and has also been featured in several major newspapers in Uganda. Her dream is to be the best professional female footballer in the world.
Lumu Mbuyi
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Lumu is a passionate young artist who is very aware of the artistic talent he was born with; in his family, he is the artist of the family, and he feels proud of it. His artworks are inspired by wildlife and people, which he captures in detail by drawing insects and small stones. He wants to perfect his art and also be known as someone who poured out his heart through art.
Mark Mene
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Born in Yambio, South Sudan, Mark is a hardworking young boy with a rich imaginative capacity, which he reflects into his artworks. As a primary one student, Mark exhibits characters of professional arts such as patience, focus, and originality. “His dream is to become a doctor and a painter” – no wonder he calls himself the “young artist.”

Lonely Thinking

I love to spend my time alone. I love to see fish swimming in the water and also love standing in quiet places. I painted myself when I grow up and visit a river – Judith

Mother, Daughter Water Visit

My mother and I, love to go visit the beach and watch the water moving. We enjoy every visit and return back with flowers in our hands – Shantal

Our Small House

Every time I go away from our home, I always miss our little house. I love it a lot because it’s my mother who paid for it’s construction – Elizabeth

Beautiful Sunshine

I love to see the sunset and also the sunrise. There are always those amazing colours the cloud turns to while the trees disappear – Steven

Me Drawing

During the lockdown, I learned how to draw and paint pictures. Every time I paint, I feel happy and excited, I wish every child can draw like me – Najjuma

Face Up

I drew what happens at Faces Up, I love this place because I learn the art and do what I want. The place is better than my school because I get encouraged and supported – Lumu

Our Sweet Home

Our home is so beautiful, we have flowers, trees and also a compound to sit in. One day, you should visit our home – Nakayiza

At Home Playing

I enjoy staying home. After we finish our homework, we gather with my friends at our home to skip the rope. We really do enjoy it – Daphine

Life In A Desert

A desert is an amazing place to be. When I grow up, I will visit a desert and have fun with my family – Juliana

Journey to home

Whenever I return from school after my studies, I enjoy walking back home because I will be wanting to meet my mother and show her what I studied – Shantal

Game park

Hunter and His Dog

One thing I miss about our village is the time we used to go hunting. We always went with our dog caed “simba” to help us chase after the animals – Steven

Mr. Mouse

In our village, our grandfather has a granary where he keeps the harvested maize but unfortunately, a mouse climbs it and eats our maize – Sophia

Wild Animals

Wild animals are amazing creatures. Each one of them, is looking for food in the other and every animal runs to save their lives – Majorine

My Love For Dogs

I love spending my time with dogs. Dogs are like people, they understand and also care for us. I enjoy when they rub their heads on me – Peace

Boat Rescue

Superheroes went on water to rescue a family from drowning. Superheros are good people who save lives – Mene

Market Day

Every Monday and Friday, my mother and I go shopping for items on the market. Every time we are there, we see new things and we almost want o buy everything – Najuma

Farmer’s homestead

Farmers are very important in the world, they grow the food we eat. I drew a homestead of a farmer surrounded by many trees and houses – Majorine

Train Station

I wish one day I get a chance to use a train. I think it is fun and good to be in – Elizabeth

Playing With Our Dog

At home, we have a beautiful dog. Every evening time, I feed our dog and then we play. We run around the compound while playing with a stick and bottles – Kabuye

Mr. Olanzo

Mr Olanzo loves children and he cares for us. He gives us this phone to watch interesting videos and also teach us art. I painted him so to appreciate him – Yaba

Paying Netball

As a girl, I love to play netball because every time I see boys play football, I feel happy because I can too, play netball – Najjuma

Mother’s hug

One of the warmest hugs, is given by a mother. Mother pass on their love to their children everytime they hug them. – Babirye

What Would You Do?

Imagine you are the man in the picture when crocodiles are down in the water and yet the tree wants to break. What will you do? – Steve

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