Who we are

Faces Up Uganda is a registered youth-led NGO based in Kampala, Uganda. We explore and employ a 360 degrees empowerment model. Through experiential learning, creative arts mentorship, and hands-on training, the model focuses on equipping young people (8-25 years) with much-needed skills.

We believe art, and creative expression coupled with mentorship helps young people from underserved communities understand the world they live in, find purpose and create meaningful connections among themselves. Thus far the stories prevailing the most still disproportionately represent a select few, often reinforcing stereotypes and discriminatory beliefs about people from underrepresented communities.

Through our work, we seek to disrupt these narratives that perpetuate inequality and marginalize by lifting underrepresented voices of young people, so their perspectives, experiences, and abilities shape a more inclusive world, one where all young people are inspired to do what inspires them.  

Additionally, through Faces Up, young people learn how to create artworks that later inspire design prints on products, which, besides the original artworks, are sold to raise school fees. With the growing technological era, Faces Up Uganda utilizes digital platforms to further its mission and present its programs to a global audience.



Is a world where all young people (8-25 years) are inspired to do what inspires them.


To create vibrant spaces for young people (8-25 years) where they can develop the necessary skills, utilise opportunities, receive guidance and support to thrive.


  • IntegrityWe treat each other with respect, are accountable to all our partners and stakeholders and are transparent in whatever we do.

  • AdaptiveWe are flexible yet strongly grounded. Even in the changing world, we find ways and We remain relevant even in the changing world.

  • InnovationWe exploit creative thinking to come up with new ways and solutions to address key pressing issues young people face.


Young people reached


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 People Reached Online.

Our Impact

We have reached 3320 young people, organized 2 mentorship dialogues, 2 art exhibitions, and reached over 700,000 people online. Through the Faces Up Store, our fundraising arm, we have so far enabled 15 children to raise school fees from products that feature designs inspired by their original artworks. Because of our great work, in 2020, we were shortlisted for the Top40Under40 in Uganda, we were nominated in 2018 for the Africa Youth Leader Of the Year, accepted for the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), Change Makers Exchange (CXC) 2019 and in 2017; we were also nominated for the Young Achievers awards.

To better serve the young people, we have established our community centre in Bakuluugi Zone, Masanafu – the centre has an art space for children to learn the art and an equipped workshop for the youths to acquire hands-on skills in shoemaking, bags and also basic fashion. We are working on establishing a library to encourage community members to read more. When we look at where we started, where we are, and say that this is just the beginning.

Impact Stories


Kato K.O


His dream is to become a hip-hop dancer and trainer. In 2016, he joined our mentorship pool, that’s when we discovered his passion for dance. We then connected him to a professional dance instructor (Abrams Tekya), plus Reneus Bbosa, an award-winning dancer from Uganda.

In 2018, he was featured on Deutsche WelleT.V from Germany on a documentary called #77 Percent. Kato has also been supported to perform at big dancer competitions such as the Break-Fast Jam 2018 and also won the Hip-Hop for Society kids dance battle 2018. In 2019, together with two of his peers, they started a dance group called Revolution X Crew to nurture more children into dance and performance – their crew has now grown up to 30 dancers who are competing on a national level. 

Juliana W

11 years old

Her dream is to become a famous female footballer and runway model. Being a young refugee girl from South Sudan hasn’t stopped her to follow her dream. In 2019, she was nominated for theChildren Peace Prize. We connected her into a football academy and also supported her to exhibit at three different art exhibitions. World Bank, Uganda, profiled her and also appeared in five major newspapers in Uganda plus appeared on Pearl F.M for a live talk show. She now serves as a prefect at her school

Winners Viewers Choice Award

Four refugee children from South Sudan we mentor alongside our founder, sharing a photo moment with Mr Tony Thompson, country manager World Bank Uganda and H.E Henk Jan Bakker, ambassador of Netherlands. 

This was after their painting won the Viewers Choice Award during the ‘Storytelling Through Art Exhibition’ at Design Hub, Kampala. Additionally, Richard(red) also won the Best Exhibitor during the Unseen me exhibition at the Uganda Museum. Through art, refugee children are helped to flee from violence as well as tap into their skills to secure their education.