The problem

In Uganda, more than one million children quit school before taking their primary leaving exams (PLE). To illustrate, in 2016, 1.6 million children entered primary school, but by 2021, one million had dropped out, as per the Education Statistical Abstract 2016.

This problem is driven by various factors, with the high cost of education in Uganda being a major challenge. Many families live in extreme poverty, making it impossible for parents to enroll and keep their children in school.

The History

In 2018, Kato, one of the young individuals we mentor at Faces Up Uganda, faced a year away from school due to financial constraints. His parents, although caring, couldn’t afford his school fees, leading him to spend most of his days at our community center, immersed in drawing and playing. Recognizing the importance of formal education, we sought ways to support Kato and others like him. 

Inspired by Kato’s artistic talent, we initiated a project to transform his drawings into a source of funding for his education. Our initial attempt involved printing his drawings on postcards, and though challenging, it paved the way for a remarkable journey. Today, our support has grown from assisting one individual (Kato) to collectively supporting over 120 children since 2019. This growth is attributed to the increasing sales through our Online Shop and expanding our product portfolio, now including T-shirts, Greeting cards, Tote bags, Purses, Artworks, and Prints. While our primary focus was initially on primary school children, we extended our program to include secondary school pupils in 2020 as some of the children we supported transitioned from primary to secondary level.

The lasting impact we’ve created in the lives of children from vulnerable communities is made possible through the support of passionate individuals like yourself. Your intentional purchase of our products contributes to paying school fees for children in need. With every purchase, 70 per cent of the price goes directly towards education, while the remaining 30 per cent is reinvested into our impactful work.

We invite you to explore our product portfolio and consider making a purchase that not only offers unique and meaningful items but also transforms the lives of children in pursuit of education. Thank you for being a part of our mission to create a better future for children like Kato.

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