Faces Up Uganda is a youth led non- profit organisation that aims at linking young people of different back grounds and communities to their role models for inspiration and support.

This is an approach that is espoused to create a generation of inspired and empowered young people (10-25) years to be able to reach their goals in life. Basing on the fact that Uganda has one of the youngest populations in Africa with 23% between the ages of 18 – 30 according to the 2014 population and housing census. We strongly believe that achieving the sustainable development Goals (SDGs), young people should be put atthe forefront and this therefore informs all of our operations and projects.

Through creative and participatory approaches like school and community out reaches, social media, exhibitions and workshops.Faces Up Uganda engages young people into interactive spaces which leaves them better persons. There is no other organisation quite like us.

Currently funded by founding members and other individuals who believe in the potentials and the future of the young people.


Inspire young people to do what inspires them.


To empower and share knowledge between young people and their role models through the use of art,
in order to improve their livelihood.

Core Values

Creativity and innovation