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About Us

Having been raised by a single mother, Ssekitto kalule Emmanuel didn’t experience the blessing of having a father as a mentor and for that at an early age of 9 years, he started the struggle of finding a proper role, a mentor who could empower him. This was a very tough process to surpass at an early age. At 16 years of age, he started creating time over the weekends to reach out to other young people in different communities especially in the ghettos to share with them what he had learnt and empower them since majority of them could not endure and cope with what he had experienced. During this period he realised the need to reach out to more youths in a more organised way therefore in 2016, he founded Faces Up Uganda.


Faces Up Uganda is a youth led non-profit organisation that is empowering young people through creative arts and mentorship. The team is comprised of a multi-talented and dynamic youths with a passion to create a platform where other young people can be mentored and inspired by proper role models as a way to help them realise their full potential.

We believe that for young people to flourish, they need to do what inspires them so; our vision is to inspire young people to do what inspires them.