Why we are here

We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Unfortunately, this is not the story for many young people in Uganda, especially those from underserved communities. 

Because of the absence of relevant and engaging opportunities that empower young people with the necessary skills, means, and power, has led to the majority of them feeling disempowered to break cycles of negative life outcomes. 

What we see

Failure to address these, we not only fail to prepare young people for the future of work; we are also disempowering them from realizing their full potential thus limiting their life opportunities.

Why Art


Art supports creative development, which is essential for the healthy development of fine motor skills, problem-solving, cognitive development, and decision making skills in children and young people.


Indulging with art, in a safe, and supportive environment, enables young people to process stress and heal from traumatic life experience in healthy ways,

For fun

The beauty of art is that it has no boundaries or barriers, it’s a universal language and excites children and young people to come together to try out and experiment with it. Art creation bring joy to the artists as well as the viewers.

Partner with us

Together, we can do greater things. Come lets join hands to reach out to more young people from underserved communities.

Online Shop

Invest into the education of children from financially challenged backgrounds by purchasing their artworks or merchandise with their art designs. www.store.facesup.org

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