Who we are

We are a youth-led non-profit based in Kampala, Uganda. We build bridges between young people and their dreams. Our approach brings out the best in every child, and young person from underserved communities. To deliver on this, we employ creative arts and mentorship thus provide necessary support for them to learn, those with traumatic life experiences to stabilize, heal as they grow or fulfil their potential. Our model of empowerment is holistic, cost-effective, and easily to scalable. We extensively work in collaboration with CBOs, NGOs, and individuals at grassroot spread all over Uganda to deliver on a shared goal as well as leverage combined efforts of outreach. 

To us, art is not the destination, but rather a journey of self-exploration, a building block to bring communities together and voice to highlight key pressing issues in communities.

If you are curious to learn more about our program, please get in touch with us below. 


A world where all young people are inspired to do what inspires them. 

Our mission

To create vibrant spaces for young people where they can develop the necessary skills, utilize opportunities, and receive support and guidance to thrive.

Our strategic goal

A generation of creative and empowered young people thriving. 



New thinking leads to new ways of doing.


We work with and for children, young people, and youths.


We are flexible yet grounded.


We treat each other with respect and accountability.

Partner with us

Get involved with our work and lets together empower more young people from underserved communities. Let us know how you would like to partner with us.

Online Shop

Invest into the education of children from financially challenged backgrounds by purchasing their artworks or merchandise with their art designs. www.store.facesup.org

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