When hard times like these come, we are pushed beyond our limits and get to positions that we never imagined we could be in, for example, staying at home for a month or so without going to workplaces, Gathering for conference meetings online, Zoom becoming a household name, Landlords calling in just to check up on their tenants, Telecom companies scraping off money transfer charges or fees, Teachers solving equations on radio and television stations among others. For sure, things do change!

The mind, once stretched by a new situation, never returns to its original dimensions.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Below are some of the lessons we have learned during the pandemic -we are excited to share with you.

1: Togetherness

The World more than ever is interconnected. We have previously been individually identified by the names of our districts, regions, countries or continents that we forget we live on a circular planet called “Earth” which has no boundaries contrary to our “identity”. The pandemic has proved that we’re more human than what or who we identify as demonstrated through the help we offer and receive across boundaries. Us for ourselves it is!

2: We are blessed! 

Life is the most precious thing, we already knew this but this pandemic has helped resound this. We have really been reminded of how lucky and blessed we are to be alive. We still haven’t wrapped our minds around the fact that currently, a flue is much more deadly than a weapon.

3: Change isn’t always ugly

As a result of the pandemic, we have witnessed the most polluted clouds in the industrial cities become clear sky blue once again. people have changed the 7-5 routine into 1-hour meetings on zoom or skype or another video conference platform which most say has been a lot rewarding and effective, This particular change has aided the birth of several innovations and business startups. This is to prove that certainly not every change is ugly.

4: Family is the most important unit of society indeed!

The pandemic has helped resound this! When all this started unfolding, most people thought to themselves, How are were to thrive as a family. How are we to survive and face this nightmare together as a family. Families are now conjuring up activities so as to fair on in this period. Why? Because according to” _The family is a perpetual source of encouragement, advocacy, assurance, and emotional refuelling that empowers to venture with confidence into the greater world”._ According to Marriane E. Neifert Dr For Mom’s Parenting Guide. So if the focus is being redirected towards the family that can only mean that we are going to have changed society, remember society was formed to bring about some sort of order and system by which human beings should act and it is what defines the way we live every day. This kind of universal unity is much appreciated and we look forward to the rewards of this repurposing.

5: Technology is underrated

Imagine technology has helped bridge the connectivity gap. In the times where social distancing is one of the most effective measures against the spread of COVID 19, Technology comes into play, offering several options, ranging from gadgets such as laptops, phones etc to the tech service providers and the services they offer that have now have aided connectivity during these hard times. One even has the option of talking via phone calls or social media platforms even when it is for long durations to completely make sure those that we hold dear to us are doing well. Technology has surely been underrated.

6: Take a step at a time, tomorrow is overrated 

Focus on the present and don’t worry much about the future. When the statistics kept on increasing, we worried and so we went on to project worse days ahead. Turns out it’s the complete opposite of our projections. This taught us something. That we need to handle things as they come. In a capitalist economy, no one imagined that a company can operate with under 2 persons on the ground and others remotely. Where free delivery has become the new approach of things, discounting things as if the end of year sale. The best thing is to take one step at a time

7: Wealth doesn’t equal to Humanity.

There’s a bias against humanitarianism, That to give, you have to have a lot and a lot left to your stash. But that isn’t the case. As a matter of fact, the prerequisites to engaging or aiding humanitarian acts include;

1.  A heart that cares 

2.  A mindset that shares.

As humans, we thrive when we support one another it’s the right thing to do. Every one of us is affected by the pandemic but there is a certain group that is affected the most. Such groups need our attention and actually this is the time they need it the most. The little we have if we shared something with someone, it would mean a lot. _” One by One makes a bundle”.

In our capacity and support from some partners, we have provided food support to 70 families so far and looking to reach 200 families – if you are one of the few people with a KIND heart and would like to join, support or donate to this cause, send us an email ” or a WhatsApp on +256705859110 just say hi, I am in” – we are going to get in touch with you shortly.


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