Oxford defines resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. As a character trait, resilience is a person’s mental ability to recover quickly from misfortune, illness or depression. We think Resilience is a trait every single person, especially in this era, must possess. 

Let’s face it, Several things like the stereotypes, moral decadence, the propaganda etcetera have the ability to not only challenge but completely decapacitate our emotional, spiritual, physical and economical stature. Take for instance the ongoing Corona Virus (COVID 19) pandemic. None of us was well-prepped for the total lockdowns, the restrictions on movement.  Normalcy has become a luxury! we absolutely cannot afford it and this explains why fear and worry cutting across has remained a constant in this season. We need not dwell on fear though. We need to take it by the scruff of its neck, counteract it with optimism and braveness plus putting in mind the restrictions and measures put up by  Governments and Ministries of Health. Only then do we have chances to overcome it. Resilience!

Now whilst on that matter of resilience,  we excitedly prepared an activity for you one that is aimed at engaging participants into identifying things around us or within us that will keep us sane and strong regardless of what is happening. We hope that this activity will inspire creativity during this trying time. 

We have got to spring back from this tribulation, resilience! we hope that you find substance in this activity, Let yourself dig in, Have fun!

Happy Springing back.

                                                  Activity developed by Faces Up

After you have created your pattern design, read over the shapes by mentioning the answers you gave for each object following the flow of the pattern. Do this faster to make a kind of rhythm while clapping or snapping your fingers.  

This article was developed by Emmanuel Kalule and Juliette Nabayinda

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