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We are a youth-led charity based in Kampala, Uganda.We deliver tailored mentorship sessions to young people within and out of school across Kampala and some parts outside. In our sessions, we offer a foundation for self development through engaging young people in visual arts, mentorship, talent identification and development. Our program focuses to help young people grow their creativity, confidence, contentment, critical thinking and conscientiousness. So far, we provide school fees support to 5 children as a stepping stone to their future.


Is of a world where young people are inspired to do what inspires them.


To use mentorship through the creative arts to offer guidance and support to young people in Uganda, creating safe spaces in which they can develop the skills and receive the support they need to flourish.


Teamwork, Integrity, Passion, creativity and innovation


We have so far reached 3320 young people, organised 2 mentorship dialogues and 1 art exhibition, worked within 25 schools, and also reached over 700,000 people online. Because of our great work, in 2018, our team leader was nominated for The Africa Youth Leader Of The Year , accepted for the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) and in 2017, he was nominated for the Young Achievers awards . THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING


Kato K.O, 11 years. He is a passionate hip-hop dancer. We met him in 2016 that’s when we discovered his dream to become an international Hip-Hop dancer and trainer. To support his dream, we connected him to a proper role model (Abrams Tekya), a professional dance instructor and also introduced him to Reneus Bbosa, an award-winning dancer from Uganda, who now trains him at the Break Dance Project Uganda.

In July 2018, Deutsche Welle T.V from Germany featured him in a full documentary called #77 Percent as the second person in the whole of East Africa after Bobi Wine. Kato has now performed on big dancer competitions such as the Break Fast Jam 2018 and he also won the Hip-Hop for Society kids dance battle 2018 – he has appeared in The New Vision, a major newspaper in Uganda

Juliana W,11 years. Being a young refugee girl from South Sudan has not stopped her from following her dream of becoming a great footballer and runway model. We identified her passion for playing football and modeling. Since then, we interested her in to a football academy where she now trains with regularly.

Through us, the World Bank, Uganda profiled her and donated three footballs to support her dream. Two major news papers in Uganda that is; Daily Monitor and New Vision, have also interviewed her and she also appeared on Pearl F.M for a talk show. Because of the leadership skills she has honed through our mentorship, she is now the general duties prefect in her school.

Kizza A, (in a yellow), She is a student at Masanafu high school doing arts. Not like some other girls from humble backgrounds, Kizza is self motivated, open minded and she is passionate about leadership. In 2018, she was selected among the 120 young leaders from 18 African countries that convened in Kampala, on December 6-8, 2018 for the third edition of the Young Leaders Forum.

The Young Leaders Forum, themed: “Connecting young leaders today”, is an annual forum convened by the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa and brings together young people between the ages of 18 and 35 from across Africa to network; connect with entrepreneurs, business owners and other leaders across Africa with a view to leverage their resources and networks to advance their causes.

Four refugee children from South Sudan we mentor alongside our founder, sharing a photo moment with Mr. Tony Thompson, country manager World Bank Uganda and H.E Henk Jan Bakker, ambassador of Netherlands after winning Viewers Choice Award during the ‘Storytelling Through Art Exhibition’ at Design Hub, Kampala.