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Leadership and Mentorship

Talent development.

Youth employment and skilling




Faces up art campaign

Initiated in 2016, this project creates a platform where different role models (public figures) that inspire the young people in Uganda are awarded with self-portraits of them a way of appreciating them for the positive impact they have in the lives of the young people that look up to them.

Public figures like Hon. Rebecca kadaga, Dr. J. Semakula Musisi, Denis Onyango, Hon. Charles Peter Mayiga, Miya Farouk, and Humphrey Nabimanya among others have been awarded through this project.

Spot Projects

Due to the increasing social problems with in different communities, we use Human Centered Design approaches to come up with products which help address these issues.

An appropriate seat prototype was designed by Nyakoojo Oscar Kamanyire, our brand Manager and Kalyemenya Douglas, head of photographer to address seat challenges at Makerere University.

Mentor Me

Having studied and found out that majority of young people of 10-16 years look up
to movie stars and musician who at most times live reckless lives, this leaves the young people withoutproper mentors and role models. Therefore Faces Up Uganda initiated the Mentor me program to help link young people to proper people who can mentor and guide them thus help them to reach out their full potentials

Pen it down

Having realized that majority of the young people never get the opportunity to get in touch with their role models yet they look up to them, Faces Up Uganda initiated this project to avail a platform where young people interact with their role models. This is done through hand written letters to their role models which we deliver and take feedback in form of responses.

Inspire Us

Vulnerable young people face enormous challenges like self-doubt, low self-esteem, negative mind sets all of which hinderthem from reaching their full potential. This project was conceived with an aim of giving a dose of inspiration through sharing motivational and encouraging messages online and on ground.

Visual awareness campaigns

Whilst the increased literacy rate of youth in Uganda at 87%, there is a challenge that majority of the young people are not familiar with content that is presented in form of written messages. Therefore, Faces Up Uganda through the V.A.C project , educative art works in form of illustrations, designs and animations are used to convert sophisticated written information to visuals to help send out a clear message to both the illiterate and literate, this is envisioned to increase awareness and popularization of development programs and opportunities to the youth.

Art competition

This project engages young people within schools and out of schools to come together and compete for different prizes through different art challenges under different topics to help create a platform of measuring their own competence with others.

Amazing stories are told through imaginative composition art works and designs prove how creative the young people are.