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What we do

Mentor Me

Due to inadequate or improper mentorship in Uganda especially amongst the youth,  they have resorted to “media mentorship” where different media platforms are playing a critical role of passing on information which they directly digest, copy and paste in their daily lives whether bad or good without cautioning. This therefore, has negatively affected their performance, caused early marriages, drug and substance abuse, low self- motivation, depression  and above all hindered them from reaching out to their full potential thus creating a big obstacle towards achieving the kind of youths we wish Uganda had.

This project therefore seeks to build capacity by empowering teachers, parents, school clubs , community leaders, guardians, peers among others through creative arts to maximise their contribution in the mentorship of young people.

Art campaign

Initiated in 2016, this project seeks to create a platform where different role models (public figures) that inspire the young people in Uganda are awarded with self-portraits as a way of appreciating them for the positive impact they have in the lives of the young people that look up to them. Through this project, young people are linked to their role models.

Public figures like Hon. Rebecca kadaga, Dr. J. Semakula Musisi, Denis Onyango, Hon. Charles Peter Mayiga, Miya Farouk, and Humphrey Nabimanya among others have been awarded through this project.


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