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What Creativity Is?

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Being clear about the definition of what we mean by creativity, is very vital since, there are several meanings, but two out of those, are the main ones and we will be exploring them in this article and show you how divergent these types are.

The first is technical creativity, where people create new theories, technologies or ideas – this is more common with innovators, researchers, and thinkers. This is the type of creativity, which is most often referred to when they mention the soft skills as required in the employment world. The second is artistic creativity, just like the definition, this type calls for a certain way of thinking to create which is more often an inborn skill, technique, and self-expression to communicate  – this is more common to artists, creators, graphics and fashion designers and children. Artistic creativity is most times used in daily conversations even where the context in which it is used doesn’t really bring out its true meaning and many people at times think that they lack this very one.

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Great thinkers to drive their creativity have used these two creativity kinds to challenge what our minds are used to and come up with ideas, which Wow us. For example, Albert Einstein used his own informal variant of Provocation to trigger ideas that led to the Theory of Relativity as composed of his own thinking. But anyone can learn to be technically creative, through a process of continuous practice. Putting yourself in positions where you use your mind to dive into situations where you ask questions such as; What about? , And then what? What if? How about this? If not, then what? You might land the opportunity to generate imaginative solutions to problems and help you to spot opportunities that you might otherwise miss.

There are two main strands to technical creativity: programmed thinking and lateral thinking. Programmed thinking relies on logical or structured ways of creating a new product or service- this is usually exercised by project managers, information designers, information analysis or forensic analysis. On the other hand, lateral thinking is considering many options at once – commonly referred to thinking outside of the box. Being creative can be tough and sometimes can put you in positions where your reasoning can be put in doubt especially in the faces of the non-creative people.

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For whatsoever cause, becoming creative might task you into doing the following;

Taking risks – putting yourself in positions where you seem not to have options

Differing from the normal – moving out of the ordinary way of doing things

Have perspective of looking at certain things – wearing two pairs of eyes

Stretching yourself out of your reach – try writing with two hands at once

Reading – seek more knowledge “Stay hungry, stay foolish” Steve Jobs

Reasoning and questioning yourself about almost everything – don’t just accept, always ask your self why you accept

Be more observant – look at things critically even when it’s not necessary

Start to take long walks or be in silent places – allowing yourself to meditate

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