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Learning is as circular as a circle – it’s end is never visible


Before we begin this piece, We at Faces up Uganda believe in learning so much that as a matter of fact,Its a tool and a highly flexible program that allows us and the children to learn, unlearn and relearn lot of things and from it, we maximumly use to meet our organisation objectives and we are excited to write about it. So here goes;

Both Wikipedia and Oxford agree that learning is the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences.

Learning, like a river that continuously flows, is a continuous process or experience and certainly not limited like it is with a zipper for example that cannot go past it’s utmost end or a rubber band that breaks when stretched further, past its maximum. And if you ever feel like you have exhausted all there is to know here is something for you, an article that should convince you otherwise. I mean, did you know that there is also evidence for some kind of learning in some plants as it with the humans and animals? No? We were in shock too. But that’s besides the point.
There is an existing notion that learning never ends and we couldn’t agree any less. So here’s why we think that one should keep learning as much.

1: learning helps Improve ones self. The more you learn , the more you know things – the better you become. Successful people in the world understand that they must continuously learn to be successful. For us to reach our potential, we must continually look for ways to improve ourselves.

2: Helps to cut costs. For everything you pay for, it’s the ignorance of not knowing that you settle the debt for. If you learnt how to fix phones, will you pay for a phone repair service? Or you would, you will not be influenced to buy a new motherboard yet it’s only requires a new battery.
“If you think the costs involved in learning are high, you should examine the extremely high business costs of not learning.” Cath Convery 

3: Build confidence. Empty tins, make a lot of noise – African proverbs. The climax of confidence in a conversation might at a bigger extent be informed by how much you know about something, the more you know about it , the more confident when you are speaking about it. The opposite is also true. 

4: Inspire people. At least everyone of us remembers that guru / the merchant of sense- whatever you might call – that informed guy who always was surrounded during a conversation or a constructive argument during high school. For their continuous learning, they always researched, learnt more so that they can always come back and assure everyone.

5: Create more opportunities Broaden you understanding, keep up to date – then you will see problems as opportunities.

  6: Be happier.The more you learn, the more you realise that happiness is in the inside of you not outside – when you know this, you will always live a happy life. Learning can be tough but, according to Agrawal, “Studies have shown that the more ambitious goals we set, the happier we are, especially when we achieve them. Personal development is a way to guarantee us serenity from within.”

7: Add what you think we might have left out.


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