How to regain your childhood Curiosity

University of Michigan

With experience working with young people to gradually accelerate their potential + success, we’ve learned that those who end up with broken hearts at the end of their lives are the human beings who left their best dreams and greatest potential on the table of broken excuses.

It’s not but accident that some young people are happier than others. The curiosity levels most times inform the logic behind, which triggers the little efforts that those people put in while no one else is watching or counting. The discipline of focus and commitment plus self-motivation is a great ingredient in this equation.

Curiosity is like a muscle, if you exercise it regularly, it strengthens. If you neglect it, you’ll find it withers like a flower starved of water and light.

You don’t need to find extra time to nurture your curiosity. You only need to work it into your routine. In time, you will develop and strengthen it back to its peak childhood vitality.

Here is how to regain it;

1: Always ask yourself why you are doing what.

Don’t get trapped where you feel you are not happy or excited. This will help spark your curiosity nerves.

2: Open new pages.

The old newspaper looks exactly as it was yesterday or the other day but when you open it, you will realize that you were just seeing the pictures but not the contentment. Ask yourself what you are seeing and why it might be the way it is.

3: Be present in a situation.

Sometime we fail to see not because we have no eyes, but we fail to use them. Take your time and genuinely look at things, you will be amazed.

4: Take a walk.

The more we stay in one place; we tend to look at things the same way. This in the end tends to condition our minds to perceive things the same way. Curiosity is sometimes sparked by excitement.

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