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Here Is Why We Call Them Everyday Heroes

I have come to a realization that every experience is different and each moment therein is special and stands out on its own. For example the most exciting thing about our outreach experiences is getting to meet amazing people who do amazing things, sharing our mission and Vision while at it.Our heroes!. Speaking of heroes, we have reduced them to the likes of the usual television fiction characters or those whose names are splashed all over billboards and in full page prints of magazines.sure! they too are in the business of saving the world but! in reality, heroes are all around us, their small selfless actions, humbling enough to leave a print, overwhelming!.

Mr.Peter (with a white color shirt) attentively executes the activity during the outreach as well as his students.

Real life community workers that extend their services to failing family, builders that take bits and pieces of broken tiles and make a beautiful floor for someone that needs it, such selfless actions. This reminds me of my Facebook news feed. While scrolling through I came across a beautiful story of a teacher that stuck a tiny sized blackboard next to the classroom chalkboard and On it, a weekly routine, she wrote different emotions. Started with “great” , “good”, ” okay”, “feeling meh” (which is a half-half feeling mostly okay but at the sometime, not) to “not so great”, “down but dealing”, “real down and i could use a visit”.

Every Monday she encourages her pupils to write their name son a sticky note and attach them on to an emotion they related with best.

Now this is a live example of a heroine, going beyond the classroom, thinking outside the box in hopes that it will make a difference and I believe this very thoughtful simple gesture of care will prepare the children for the outside world. How to acknowledge the problem, seek help or deal with them so as to learn, grow and use the experience as a life lesson for their own benefit. Thus brooding a successful people.

Speaking of teachers, we are grateful for the teachers’ collaboration,following with the team up through out our entire last Friday’s outreach session at Namugoona Kiggobe primary school and this where we had the chance — a privilege, to have Mr. Ssekitoleko Peter a member of staff of the school join in the session as we worked with the pupils, exhibiting a sincere humility by fully engaging and committing himself to the exercise. Outstanding right?

As we executed the tri-fold, an exercise whose simple instruction was “if you can not write it then, draw it.” he obediently Joined in, carefully following instructions, executing every step religiously to the bone, doing what his students were doing, and sharing with us his dream as well. Before you ask, he hopes to become a radio presenter in the near future who will  double as a teacher.

Mr. Peter in a blue t-shirt with the artwork he did during the session joins his students for a photo.

How awesome! Very ambitious we see. Go forth Mr. Peter, your dreams sure as heaven are valid! 

All through the session, Mr.Peter input ( participation, team playing, obedience and humility Helped us identify and realize the children’s talents as well as the traits, interests and passion. The children also got to get a glimpse themselves through their other peers’ eyes.

This obedience, collaboration and high levels of interaction, unknown to him aided our full realization of the session’s set goals. See children are more comfortable participating in an activity or mimicking actions while executing an activity when they see a parent, guardian or a familiar figure going at it and his selfless decision helped aid the success of the project and we couldn’t thank him more for his effort. How did he aid the success of the session? His effort, not out of lack of a mentor and very much appreciated helped make the children feel more at ease which encouraged them to trust and participate in the session this aided the realization of more of the children’s’ potential and in turn helped us meet our objectives and we applaud him for it.  This is what we are primarily all about. Faces up! Who we look up to, celebrating people that have made an impact, seemingly small but enough to leave a mark so others could be motivated into superseding their actions in hopes of betterment of the world. Taking the teacher as an example If we doubted his having an honest love for the children and being solely interested in their betterment before, we couldn’t doubt now.

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and I couldn’t agree more. These people less popular, and even less self-centered through their seemingly small actions weighing too much are qualification enough for a hero  

Edgar our Head of Communications takes a photo with the children after the outreach

They are tirelessly working behind the scenes, making the world a better place. I think this is humbling, beautiful!.

Their lives inspired us. 

I hope they’ll inspire yours too.

Article by Emmanuel and Juliet Nabayinda


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